If Paypal Defaults To Spanish, Don't Panic. This is because my Paypal account is setup in Spain.

Here is how to switch it to English.


A. You have a Paypal account

1. If you have a Paypal Account, then simply go to the Paypal Homepage, and select English as your language in the top right hand corner.

2. Now Login to your Paypal account.

3. While logged into your Paypal account, go back through the ordering process for my product, and the final ordering page should be in English.


B. You want to pay with Credit Card

When you get to the order page in Spanish, click the "continuar" link:


You'll be taken to the page where you need to enter your details. Firstly, select your Country from the "Pais" box.

To compound the problem, all of the list of countries are also in Spanish. Here is what you need to look for. For the United States, click on "Estados Unidos". Your form will then translate into English.


For the United Kingdom, look for "Reino Unido". Your page will them translate into English.

Now, when the page refreshes, you'll have the option of selecting the langage:

On selecting the language, the page should refresh in English.


If you need translations for any other country, please let me know on my support desk.



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